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The mission of the Reading program is to provide students with opportunities to develop and strengthen skills necessary for learning across the curriculum. Courses are available for students with intensive needs as well as enrichment for those preparing for college and career readiness.


Reading I, II, III - This course helps students who have serious reading problems. The course includes instruction in basic vocabulary, comprehension, study skills, listening, speaking, writing, and recreational reading.

Advanced Reading - This semester-long course focuses on developing reading skills in preparation for post secondary education. The content includes instruction in literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension. Honors classes focus on developing advanced reading skills for college bound students.

Intensive Reading - Strategies implemented in preparing Juniors and Seniors in successfully passing the FCAT.

SAT & ACT Prep - Strategies taught to help in preparing students in taking the SAT and ACT with emphasis on vocabulary curriculum.

Contact Us
  Barbara Hogan (850) 937-5545 Reading
  Christy King (850) 937-5559 Teacher
  Minette Nodhturft (850) 937-5558 Reading
  Carla Urquhart (850) 937-5523 Teacher
  Aubre White (850) 937-5523 Reading, Head Cheerleading Coach