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The goal of the drama department is to develop in the student an appreciation for live theater, a confidence to perform in front of an audience, and a willingness to take risks, experience things never attempted before. Most come into drama quite nervous but leave as more confident students, even having taken only one class. The goal for the serious drama student is to provide the training and experiences needed to make them good candidates for college or university theater programs.


Theatre Arts I - This course provides experiences in the study of and practice of theater arts and literature. The student will study the basics of vocal production and projection, stage movement, character analysis, dramatic literature, and stage production. The class will included required opportunities for public performance. There will be two times each year that performance outside of class will be required.

Theatre Arts II - This course continues the study of performance on the stage. Different styles of acting are studied through a study of performance on the stage. Different styles of acting are studied through a study of the history of the theater through the ages. This class has a goal of a public performance each semester. Minimal time outside of class time is required. (prerequisite: Theatre Arts 1 or Intro to Drama)

Theatre Arts III - This course will continue the study of acting techniques through performance of scenes representative of the best in dramatic literature. In conjunction with the Drama 4 class, this class will study all aspects of production to produce on stage at least one public performance each semester. Productions may not be in the traditional stage setting.

Theatre Arts IV - This course is the culmination of all previous study. All aspects of dramatic literature are brought together with the complete study of the technical side of production (set design, lighting, make-up, costumes) to produce a full production at the end of the year. Opportunities for the actor to become director will be possible.

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