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Benefits of Joining the Military
  • Guaranteed Pay
  • College Tuition Assistance
  • 30 Days of Annual Payed Vacation
  • Free/Reduced Cost Travel
  • Optional Full/Part-Time Service
  • Tax-Free Rooms and Allowances
  • Dental and Health Care
  • Home Loans and Discounts
  • Access to Military Exchange and Commissary Stores
  • Sense of Pride and Patriotism


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There are five main branches of the military including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard. Each year, about 180,000 young Americans enlist for active duty service in the Armed Forces. There are many benefits to serving in the military, including health insurance, financial assistance for college, opportunities to travel the world, and finding meaningful work that supports our country. 

Branches Contact Information
United States Marine Corps SSgt Mitchell Tressler
Phone: (850) 797-7113
United States Coast Guard Eduardo V Gutierrez
Phone: (251) 259-1928
Marion Military Institute Jewels Morton
Phone:  800-664-1842 OR 334-683-2307
Florida Army National Guard Michael Blackmore
Phone:  407-271-9088
United States Army Jerreiod Watts
Phone:  850-543-4245
United States Air Force Carlos Morales
Phone:  334-451-4202
United States Navy Kevin Turner & Phillip Vest
Phone:  850-461-0430
United States Air Force Reserves David Wakeman
Phone:  850-554-9198
The Citadel Shamus Gillen
Phone:  843-953-4830