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Jason Loeffler

Future Business Leaders of America


To promote business and educational cooperation through leadership and career development. Students looking to join must be enrolled in a Business Technology Education class with evidence of positive professional conduct as well as maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA.

  What is FBLA?
FBLA is the premier organization for students preparing for careers in business.  Through FBLA, members gain a competitive edge for career and/or college success. By taking advantage of the many programs FBLA offers, students acquire the skills that set them apart from the average high school student.

What does FBLA do?
FBLA provides the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary skills to successfully compete in the job market, pursue postsecondary education, or manage personal skills. Members learn how to lead and participate in group discussions by engaging in practical problem solving and decision-making activities.  FBLA members learn the value of competition through directed competitive events.

Why Join FBLA?
  • Enhance self-confidence and leadership skills through chapter leadership activities;
  • Sharpen public speaking skills by leading discussions, presenting workshops, and giving speeches;
  • Build friendships through chapter team activities and at conferences;
  • Apply money management techniques by developing chapter and project budgets;
  • Acquire the skills needed to compete in the job market as well as other life skills;
  • Network with business leaders to increase job prospects and mentoring opportunities;
  • Participate in conferences and workshops on leadership skills, image, etiquette, time management, goal setting, decision making, and career development;
  • Complete community service activities by working with such organizations as Special Olympics and the March of Dimes.


Students must and agree to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and to conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner at all times. They will participate in all club activities including fundraising, which raises money for club projects. Students below a 2.5 will be accepted on a case by case basis.


Dues for the club are $30.00, which includes the district and state dues each student has to pay, travel to the fall rally, spring awards ceremony, and registration for the district competition. If a student qualifies to compete in the State competition, additional money for travel, hotel and registration will be needed. **MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: TATE HIGH SCHOOL**

Club Sponsors
  Janice Courson (850) 937-5586 Dept. Chair - Business Technology, FBLA & BPA Sponsor
  Thomas Maher (850) 937-5585 Business Technology, FBLA Sponsor